We specialise in made-to-measure leather saddles by Farrington of Walsall.

Features include: -

  • Wool flocking
  • Wide gullies - ideal for broad horses.
Saddle & Saddle Repair Prices from January 2022

LOCAL CALL OUT up to 25 miles£40
                between 25 - 40 miles£60
Farrington BS Saddles
XLR8 Jump Revolver£1650
Burford GP VSS Forward Cut 16" - 18"£1300
Henley GP VSD Straight Cut£1300
Henley GP VSS or Working Hunter£1250
Centreline Dressage£1600
Kentucky Dressage£1650
Kentucky (Deep Seat) VSD£1300

New girth straps (fitted)
GP£17.00 each
Dressage£17.00 each

Strip out & complete re-flock£95
Flocking on-site while you wait£35

New seat£ POA
New knee pads £120 per pair
Extra knee blocks for velcro blocks£40 per pair

New tree (if current stock item and not obsolete).
Delivery 3 - 6 weeks.
Tree Narrow/Widen on-site while you wait£35
Special leathers (e.g. Buffalo)£100 extra

View our range of saddles and if you have any queries don't hesitate to contact Miles.

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